I’m Christina – The Prophetic Admin

Christina Brown is on a mandate mission to help ministries and other non-profit organizations run more effectively. Her heart’s desire is to help produce a seamless operation so that the coming days are greater than before.

For nearly 4 years, Christina served various ministries across the United States handling, with excellence, their unique administrative needs quickly realizing she was in her prophetic vein. Being prophetic in nature, it allowed her to “see” through a lens outside of the natural and into the vision and developing strategies of Heaven.

The launch of this website is a prophetic step of faith. She believes future doors will open to allow her to lend her administrative expertise, gift/talents and professionalism to enhance kingdom assignment around the world.

Her greatest desire in this endeavor is to help individuals achieve excellence within the administration of their ministries and be free to minister the gospel.

She is “The Prophetic Admin” where the prophetic and administration collide.

Administration is a gift and it has enabled her to function in multiple aspects of ministry administration (onsite and remotely) as in:

  • Coordinating flights and/or accommodations
  • Ministry finances
  • Event bookings and administration
  • Book sales nationally and internationally
  • Social media management
  • Other administrative duties as assigned to help advance the Kingdom of God

Christina believes it is crucial that Kingdom assignments are administrated with integrity and excellence. She can help provide support in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Training and teachings those who desire to administrate their own ministries
  • Training and teaching those who are called to the works of prophetic administration
  • Partnering with ministries to handle their administrative tasks remotely

Christina is a devoted wife to an amazingly supportive husband and a mom to two awesome kids! She loves Jesus and believes her endeavors will one day be accomplished with an ocean front view.

If you have questions, or would like to connect with her, please see the contact me link above.

He who finds a Prophetic Assistant, finds a Good Thing!

Christina Brown The Prophetic Admin

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